Entry No. 2 // 03.03.15

Preparing for the Vortex

As we gear up to STEP INTO THE VORTEX, the team and I are collecting data with relevance to our upcoming series of excavations in Arizona. The following is a list of locations in Arizona that are key to uncovering integral environmental samples to support the postulations made by our team.


Petroglyphs at the Petrified Forest.

We believe the ancient people of this area understood their connection to the Sea People and may have left clues to this history.

AZ02.jpg Ancestral Pueblo Ruin at Navajo National Monument. AZ03.jpg The ATI team will connect with the community that understands the power of crystal healing and the strength of the particular energies that are present in Sedona. We have started to speak to local residents who may have insight and are willing to speak on the topic. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for further developments. And please help us spread the word about this project by sharing the link to STEPPING INTO THE VORTEX.

This fundraiser will hopefully fund:

· Equipment needed for excavations

· Materials for research

· Inter-dimensional mobility of the ATI team

· Publication of Dive Log Two, (the second publication made by ATI).

As always thank you and may you follow your bliss!

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