Entry No. 9 // 06.05.15

Images From The Vortex

The Chief and the Linguistics Specialist recently made an expedition to Arizona to explore the vortices present at this location. A vortex is believed to be a special spot on the earth where energy is either entering into the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane. Vortexes (or vortices) are found at sacred sites throughout the world, including Sedona, Arizona which is where their latest expedition took place.


Ráchel Räder, the Chief Investigator, in the Saguaro National Park.


Jáson Bland-Förd, the Linguistics Specialist, in the Saguaro Desert.


A postcard that has one of the hieroglyphs believed to be connected to the Ancient Sea People, which is part of their creation myth that is based on the transition of the Sea People from sea to land. This postcard was sent to folks who helped in ATI’s fundraiser, Stepping into the Vortex.


The Chief and the Linguistics Specialist made a visit to Arcosanti while in Arizona. This architecture may prove to be inspiration for a future base for the team.


The Linguistics Specialist takes an inter-dimensional walk through the Navajo Desert and found specimens to bring back to the lab in Brooklyn.


Stay tuned for developments.

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