Entry No. 70 // 04.23.24

Newly discovered Space Specimens

We recenlty launched a collection of Space Specimens that were found in the NP.NP25 Quadrant. So now you too can connect to time and space utilizing the unique qualities found in these specimens.

My colleague Archer Adler recently unearthed a wormhole that she fell through while out on assignment. Archer was on course to following a peculiar light refraction that was ping-ponging through the galaxy, when she heard a scream for help in the distance. After hours of searching for the source, she found a small wormhole. Archer extended the trunk of her Swingette down into the wormhole hoping that the being would grab on and pull themselves up through the wormhole. But, this only dragged Archer through the wormhole. BlOOOOOooooP!

She popped out the other side into a cave that was encrusted with crystals that were growing from every square inch of the cavern wall. And right in front of her was a being named Vorby, (short for BR0V6996VORB). Archer and Vorby became good friends, which is how Archer learned about the plight of the beings in NP.NP25 Quadrant. The crystal caves housing the Quantum Entanglement Crystals is a rare source of this time-defying crystallization which a corporation in NP.NP25 known as Law-Mart has drained their galaxies’ natural resources. Their aim is to change the known timeline and to further strengthen the control of the Law-Mart corporation. Hearing this, Archer became determined to bring as many of these Quantum Entanglement Crystals back to our universe to counteract their corporate greed, and undo their manipulation of the known timeline.

All of the sudden an earthquake began to rumble up from the planet’s core shaking the crystal cave and causing another wormhole to grow in mid-air above them. Vorby and Archer grabbed as many of the crystals as they could and tossed the trunk of the Swingette in the vortex of the wormhole. BLOOOOoooP! They popped back to Archer’s timeline.

When Archer came back to the lab with the Quantum Crystals I knew exactly what we had to do. We need to offer these crystals to the people of Earth. Their positive manifestation powers will guide the timeline to where it needs to be.

Are you ready to change the universe? Are you ready to harness the power of the Quantum Crystals to shift the direction of our timeline for the better? Grab a Space Specimen from our ATI Shop and get ready to take off! Explore the Collection HERE




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