Entry No. 60 // 02.08.23

Galactic Selfies and Iconic Discoveries of Archer Adler

The opening of “Galactic Selfies and Iconic Discoveries of Archer Adler”, kicked off with a performance by, yours truly, the Chief. I introduced the recent discoveries and artifacts of Archer Adler, my friend and colleague.


A summary of the mechanisms and findings throughout the space was detailed in my briefing including an explanation of each Time Travel device and their functions.


For the first time in possibly all of the span of Humanity, I showcased a live specimen of Primordial Ooze. This specimen was gathered in a time range we can only speculate spanning in Pre-history millions of years ago. What an amazing opportunity for all involved to connect with their ancient microbial ancestors!


The event concluded with a demonstration of the most powerful element that originated life: light!


Make sure to catch this special exhibition of epic discovery before it closes March 16th, at Alma’s RVA.

ATI will reveal a Part 2 to this performance on Saturday, March 4th at 5:00PM EST. We’ll see you then!

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