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Entry No. 35 // 09.25.17

Work in Progress...

The Chief has been hard at work in the ATI Laboratory, fabricating a new collection of Chakra Enhancers. Each specimen is sourced from key energetic points around the planet which are associated with Chakra energies. They are then transported back to the lab in Brooklyn, NY for restoration. The surface is brought to a polish in the UrbanGlass studio and then to the laboratory to unleash their unique enhancement potential.

It’s a laborious process, so sometimes the Chief brings help into the lab. This time, Kelsie McNair (a specialist of numerous pursuits), came to assist Ráchel in the restoration of a particularly large array of specimens. Below, you can see an assortment of the specimens in their restorative journey. The Spotted Quartz and Banded Strattite specimen eminate chakra energies akin to their integral hues.



Kelsie investigates a Banded Strattite specimen while in the ATI lab, for its energetic potential.

Kelsie is a dedicated assistant and friend. She came to New York ready to conduct the necessary investigations in and out of the lab, (this included an exploration of a few pizzeria establishments). While in the the city, the two began to discuss their interest in particular myths and their association with ancient vocal expressions. This may lead to further developments in ATI’s research and evolution. Stay tuned.


Ráchel Räder, the Chief Investigator, has been developing new designs for the Chakra Enhancer Jewelry Line. Designs like the one below of the Blue Banded Strattite triple prong setting, are based on the Chief’s research in numerology and sacred geometry. In this image, she is setting a piece based on the power of 3.



The Chief working in the ATI lab on a prong setting.

Here’s a little sneak peak of a few designs which will be released this Fall as a part of the newest collection.


Petrified Spongy Coral earrings and Spotted Quartz Prism Necklace.


Pieces in process in the ATI lab.

A huge thank you to Kelsie for helping the Chief these past couple of weeks!

Kelsie is an amazing artist and photographer. You can see more of what she’s exploring, making and dreaming up on her Instagram account: @soft_shapes .

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