Entry No. 38 // 12.11.17

Colorful Chakra Photoshoot

The Chief recently made a new collection of Chakra Enhancers, which was photographed by Kelsie McNair. The concept behind the photoshoot was to emulate the colorful energies of chakras.


The very beautiful and talented Helena Parriott modeled for the photoshoot.


As this part of the Ancient Truth Investigators project develops, it is exciting to visually explore how it ties into the beliefs of ATI. Each wearable piece is made from a specimen found by the Chief, which relates to the chakra energies along the meridian of the body.

The Meta series is a collection of large Chakra Enhancers that are very powerful.

META BANDED STRATTITE NECKLACE BSmeta_model.jpg BSmeta_model02.jpg META SPOTTED QUARTZ NECKLACE SQ_model01.jpg SQ_model02.jpg SQ_model03.jpg META PETRIFIED SPONGY CORAL NECKLACE. PSCmeta_model02.jpg PSCmeta_model.jpg

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