Entry No. 43 // 04.19.18

Sound Bath

In her latest investigation into the healing properties of sound, The Chief participated in a Sound Bath at the Maha Rose Center in Brooklyn, NY. soundbath02 Sound healing operates from the principle of resonance, vibration, and a body-mind integrated approach to wellness. The practitioner at Maha Rose used a combination of tuning forks, crystal bowls, and glass xylophone in a sequence of vibrations during the session. Sound frequencies can be used to promote relaxation and wellness, and has also been scientifically linked to healing. soundbath01 The session started in subdued lighting, and a room full of women scrambling to find a spot in the tiny carpeted room. Much like a yoga class, each participant found their nook on the floor and shuffled through a few movements in their spot until they settled in their place. As the practitioner took to the front of the space, she greeted the room and then took to a Tibetan song bowl. The warm swarming sound of the mallet against the rim of the bowl ebbed and flowed in it’s intensity. Then, she raised the glass xylophone and strummed the breadth of the instrument causing the aligned glass tubes to buzz. She swayed the instrument back and forth to intensify the emanating sounds. She made her way through nearly all the instruments lined up in rows at her feet in the duration of 2 hours. By the end, the Chief said she felt like she had transported to another dimension.


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