Entry No. 40 // 02.12.18

Alchemical Explorations

The Chief is currently exploring manifestations of energy and electricity. A few prototypes have begun to evolve in the ATI Laboratory in Brooklyn, NY, after a class Ráchel took at UrbanGlass. The glass tubes can be bent in a high-temperature flame, and then bombarded with chemical elements. This is a phosphorous coated glass tube filled with Argon Mercury. neon01.jpg And this is a clear tube filled with Argon. neon02.jpg In combination with the powerful energies sourced in the specimens found by ATI, the Chief is exploring neon’s visual potential in calculation of particular emanations.

alchemist.jpg Painting by Joseph Wright of an alchemist discovering fluorescence.

This discovery was sourced from wood of the Narra tree in the 1560’s. Fluorescence was accidentally isolated in 1602 by an alchemist who was experimentally baking substances in the search for gold, which glowed in the dark even after cooling.

The goal of the alchemists, who practiced from 400 - 1400 CE, was to transmute common elements (like lead) into gold. Because there were seven known heavenly bodies, the alchemists believed that there were seven base elements. The alchemists used symbols to identify elements, and made many important discoveries which led to the development of the modern science of chemistry.

Much like the Alchemists, the Chief hopes to discover ways to translate energies of nature into new manifestations. As the Chief develops her explorations, we’ll post more process shots to the log book. Stay tuned.

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