Entry No. 58 // 05.29.22

ATI at the markets

If you’ve been following ATI over the past 6 months you probably have noticed that we’ve been pretty busy doing markets all over the country. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of craft shows both near and far to the Richmond, VA HQ.

These shows are such a great opportunity for growth. Wrapping up a season of markets, I’m coming out the other side with a lovely perspective on how these craft shows have been really great for ATI. me-market.jpg Having shows has pushed me to be super productive and fabricate more pieces than I ever would without the deadline of a show. You never know how many people will come, and what designs will click with folks. So, making enough to cover possible demand is part of the gig! earrings.jpg Also, these markets are the perfect opportunity to see how people interact with my designs. I’ve received a ton of feedback about scale, color, and function that I wouldn’t have experienced just making sales online. I’ve been so inspired by these conversations, that I’ve created totally new pieces based on what folks have asked to see like my new line of Mini Galactic Hoops which I’ll post on the ATI site soon. markets-2.jpg Putting myself out there and doing these shows has been fabulous for the development of my elevator pitch! I’ve got it down. I’ve also realized through my conversations with folks at these shows, what I’m excited to put into the world next. When talking about ATI to new friends and customers, I try to keep it short and sweet emphasizing the content I value. market4.jpg It’s been such a fabulous experience pouring my time and energy into these shows and a privilege to be able to travel during these strange pandemic times. I’m shifting my focus over these next 6 months to prepare for a solo exhibition at the Almas gallery in Richmond, VA. You’ll see more of a focus on my performances and development of the narrative at the heart of ATI. chief-04807e.jpg This project is constantly evolving and my experiences doing markets with ATI has re-invigorated me to push it even further. Stay tuned for more investigations!

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