Chief Investigator

Ráchel Räder

Rachel Rader is a Brooklyn based artist and storyteller. To provide an alternate context, Rader has created an alter ego who is the Chief Investigator for the Ancient Truth Investigators. Through ideals associated with New Age Mysticism, she gives deeper meaning to the objects she makes. Rader invites the audience to suspend their disbelief and engage with her artwork with a heightened sense of receptivity to a fantastical experience. The organization is a construct, but Rader’s belief in the power of positive manifestations, and the magic of storytelling is very real.

The Team

As part of the Ancient Truth Investigators project, Rader invites fellow artists to participate in her world, and find their voice (or their imagined character’s voice), through the parameters of the storyline. Artists enter this project for a period of time to explore, play, and create something new outside of their own artistic practice. Each member of this rotating cast of artists, brings nuances to the Ancient Truth Investigators project that didn’t exist before. As participants freely enter and exit the world, they leave behind their everlasting mark on the ATI project.

Amända Patenaûdé

HAPPI Institute

Amanda has a multi-media art practice. She has participated in ATI performances and an exhibition called The Latest Findings from ATI, in Norfolk, VA. In her participation, she was the representative of an organization called the HAPPI Institute.


Jáson Bland-Förd

Linguistics Specialist

Jason is a printmaker and glass artist based in Portland, Oregon. He explored the ATI narrative as a participant in a residency in Sedona, Arizona, with the Chief in 2015. Jason also created a series of prints in response to his experience in Arizona.


Dán Räðer

Visual Communication Specialist

Dan is a designer and developer responsible for the ATI website and branding. He resides in Washington D.C. where he is currently an Interactive Art Director at ISL.