Entry No. 4 // 03.15.15

The Team Visits Hawaii, the Heart Chakra

Recently two members of the Ancient Truth Investigators visited the Heart Chakra of the planet, Hawaii.

Both Ms. Friedman and Ms. Donnellan said that they experienced an opening of their own heart chakras in connecting with this location. Prior to their visit, they said that they felt a calling to visit Hawaii.

In connecting to the earth and these special points of energy we can connect with the planet and with each other to create a space for healing. Ancient Truth Investigators strives to find ways to aid Humanity’s growth towards a more evolved bond between ourselves and the planet. Chakra Enhancers aid in this connection.

You can explore a full selection of Chakra Enhancers and more about the Elements they are sourced from, by visiting the tabs above.

Thank you for reading and may you follow your bliss.

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