Entry No. 67 // 10.12.23

Cosmic Vertiglow

Perhaps you’ve looked up at the stars and wondered how far the universe stretches? Maybe you’ve pondered how space is expanding at a rate of 41.9 miles per second per megaparsec (a distance equivalent to 3.26 million light years)? Well, here at the Ancient Truth Investigators HQ we’re researching the vast nature of space and the ever-expanding universe. And to be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming. This feeling of being triggered by the universe’s incalculable size is called Cosmic Vertigo. in-space.jpg Today we’re launching a new collection called Cosmic Vertiglow, in honor of this powerful feeling that so many of us humanoids experience when we think about space. Oh yeah, and this collection glows in the dark! Just like the primordial ooze that Archer Adler found in her travels back in time to our planet mere millennia post-big-bang. Archer-in-blue-smoke-planet02.jpg

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